About us

The FONDER foundries is a family company led from generation to generation since 1949.

We employ 50 highly qualified workers with many years’ experience in the branch.
In September 2004 we brought into operation the second casting house – FONDER II with the same profile of activity.

We offer the founding of casts from grey cast iron in type EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250 and low-allow cast iron – inoculated. We also introduce the production of ductile cast iron.

We manufacture casts from 0.5 to 5000 kilogrammes based on the technology of hand moulding, as well as FKT-65, FKT-108.
Our casting houses obtain all the necessary devices for the control of the technological process and ready-made product.

Our casting houses

We produce casts for the mining, metallurgy and railway industry, for the automotive industry, construction branch and according to specific demand of individual customers.
For many years we have successfully cooperated with companies representing the Western
We have emerged on the Italian, German and French market.

We specialise in long-term cooperation with strategic customers.

Due to continuous improvement of the production process our castings have gained the recognition of numerous state owned and private enterprises.

With the view of satisfying our customers’ needs we provide services of the highest standards and comprehensive realisation of every order, starting from project elaboration through selection of optimal technologies to hand-held production and processing.